Sunday, September 03, 2006

Before and After

This week's posts are all about hair. I shall open with my daughter's latest hair adventure. We tied and twisted her hair last night and this morning she was given a very crazy hairdo. She was giving a talk in her primary class today at church, so she looked extra fancy. Click on READ MORE to see pix.

As you can see by her face in the mirror, she wasn't feeling quite like herself going from straightest of straights to quite curly. It reminded me of a makeup artist I worked with last month. She was working with a beautiful little red-haired girl. She was working on a portrait for her portfolio so she styled her really cute and funky, and then put her hair up in twists similar to my daughter's, only thicker and more intentional. They had a great shoot and got adorable pix.

Then the makeup artist took the pins out with every intention of photographing her with the curly-hair look. The little model had never seen her hair curly and was really freaked out by the way she looked. They got about two frames of her before she burst into tears...but it only takes that one shot, and they got it, and it's awesome.

I thought my daughter was having a moment like that this morning, she said: "Everyone will make fun of me," but no one did. It was really cute.

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