Friday, September 29, 2006

Book Cover Queen

Yesterday I had a quick job in the morning for a book cover. Originally my agents had told me the title of the book was Queen of Babel. I googled Babel and I got things like Babel Fish, the cast and crew list for the 2006 film called Babel, starring Brad Pitt, and Dogs of Babel, which I read and it was good. For some reason, when I originally heard the title, I thought of something lusty and possibly romance-like. I couldn't be more wrong however, as most of the google searches taught me that babel is associated with language. I decided, after my non-lusty results, to try searching it on amazon. And there was no Queen of Babel, but there was a Queen of BabBle. AH....of course.

And yes, it turns out, that was the cover that I photographed yesterday, only for the paperback printing, since obviously, the hardcover is already finished. It was a face shot with me wearing a hat. It was fun and cute, and it will be a nice addition to my portfolio.

In other news, my friend marion called me last night pretty excited b/c while she was watching Grey's Anatomy, she saw my Nuvaring Commercial. My husband and I were just discussing how it doesn't come on any shows that we watch, but we immediately switched over to our tivoed Grey's, and finally saw it on a show that we watch! Yeah! That was fun.


Jen said...

We saw the commercial last night for the first time on Grey's Anatomy too....yeah!!!

I'll remind Ed about working on that other thing too. I just remembered we hadn't gotten back to you.

heather & fiona said...

HI Kristy -

I saw your commercial during GA last night too - I'm so impressed! It was really great. Congrats!

chloe said...

We saw it too last night on Grey's - my favorite show and my wonderful friend - what a great combo! I was excited!

tracy m said...

We've seen it 4 or 5 times now- lets see... During ER last week, during some comedy on Monday night, I thought once during the Today show in the morining- even my husband saw it- I told him he had to count how many times you said "vagina" !

You did a great job, by the way.

Bek said...

I saw it on Grey's too and again I thought "MAN she has a lot of doctor-ey stuff to say at the end...".

Great Job!