Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Delta, Delta, Delta, Can I helpya, helpya, helpya

Today I had an audition for Delta. Actually, for a commercial about American Express and Delta becoming business partners. It was an odd audition because it was more like a chat with the casting director, who I have never met. We sat across a table and got to know each other, then I read the copy from the paper (no cue cards or camera), and then she asked me back for a callback on Friday.

I have been avoiding Friday. I got a modeling job offer for a Costume Company (decent pay) for all day Friday and I said No. I hardly EVER say no. But I am too excited for my long weekend trip to Boston with the fam. I will put the trip off for a morning callback though, especially for a commercial. So we will leave around 10:30 instead of 8:00.

When my agents told me that I had this audition, I did a little research. I found the site for Richard Tyler's new design of the Delta Uniforms. They look really cool. I had a dilemma though...should I wear red or blue? I chose a cerulean blue in the new dress that Target is carrying by Paul and Joes. It is easy to move in and a trendy cut.

For the callback, in front of the client, I have to wear a suit. I don't technically have a suit. When business attire is required, I usually wear a black suit skirt, blouse, black heels and pearls. This is Delta though, and they seem to be trying to hip it up, so I think I am going to take a little risk. I am going to wear a brown skirt that is fitted and then flairs slightly at the knee, a cream slightly ruffled blouse with an orange blazer and brown high heels. There is risk in that the orange might buzz a little on camera, and orange and brown are nowhere near American Express or Delta colors, but who cares, my blue eyes look good in those colors, and that is all that matters. Especially since BLUE is a color of both Delta and AmEx.

I'll keepya posted.

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