Friday, September 29, 2006


I usually handle rejection well. I mean, come on, it is like 95% of my business-REJECTION. Especially when it comes to my kids and their jobs, I am way down to earth about it, compared to some of those stereotypes-which by the way....I meet very few tried and true STAGE MOTHERS.

Anyway, the baby recently did a Holiday photoshoot for Talbots. Hers was the only holiday job this year. Usually around the end of summer we have a sprinkling of these jobs, but this year, only one. She looked really cute in the dress, and I was excited to see the shot. Today I checked on line, and this is what I found. FYI, that's not my baby. It is Emma though, who was my "daughter" a few months ago. I am happy for Emma, but just a little dissappointed that my baby didn't get it, especially because her big sister did the same job a few years earlier:

To soothe my pain, however, another baby that was up for the same shot's mother....(how's that for some great grammer?), emailed me this ad today with the baby and me:

At first I did not see us because I looked straight at the baby in the frame, but then I saw us in the grey at the top right corner. That photo was taken just about 1 year ago, and so that made me feel a little LESS dissappointed...but I STILL wanted her to get that Talbots shot. Rats.

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