Friday, September 08, 2006

The Finer Things in Life

I recently sat in a hair salon and spa on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for 5 hours, and got 16 inch extensions put into my 3 inch hair. Total Cost: Four Thousand Dollars. I did not pay for this. Nobody did. The salon is doing it to promote themselves and their technique. My head was hired to model this technique. Going from short to long hair is a whole post in itself.

After this experience I expected to feel expensive and fabulous and like a celebrity (extensions are ALL the rage). Instead I felt drained and empty. I do love my worldly things (one of my mantras while out shopping and out of dough is: MY TREASURES WILL NOT RISE WITH ME), and so I thought this would be a treat. Instead I realized that even if it cost 5 dollars, I would never WASTE that much time on myself. I realized that I am not as selfish as I thought I was…which was sort of a relief.

I realized that just BEING a mother makes you unselfish. Of course I have moments when I do shut my door or shut my brain off to the children for a little self time…but in general if they make it through a day, dry, fed, relatively happy, healthy and most importantly alive, then I have probably been unselfish that day. It took all that hair to realize this. Maybe next time I will just get a quick manicure to remind me how unselfish I am.

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