Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Grammy

Dear Grammy, it is your birthday today, so in your honor, I decided to model for your favorite clothing company, Talbots. I modeled this outfit:

It was such a hard job because they were taking a picture of two wiggly babies that were both around my age. We had to stand still, which is virtually impossible, and close together, and we had to smile, AND we had to keep our clothes Unwrinkled. Talk about impossible. It was so impossible that in 2 1/2 hours they couldn't get one good picture with 4 of us babies.

They asked us all to come back again tomorrow to try to get the shot just right. Suckers.

But today is about you. And I just want you to know that you are the best Grammy ever. You are always so nice to send me special things in the mail, and have special treats and surprises in your house and purse whenever I come to visit. This past weekend my big sister said: "I like Grammy's house better than Boston," and I agree with her. I'm gonna tell my new cousin Violet all about you and how fun it is to come to your house and visit. My mom is so lucky that you are HER mom...and I am just glad to be part of the legacy. I am full of big words today.

Well Grammy, I wanted to show you one more picture, it is of my very attractive legs. I think I got those from you! This is what I was doing for a good part of the morning as I waited for my moment under the lights. I highly recomend wearing white ankle socks, especially at YOUR age...they do a lot for a woman's legs! I love you Grammy...see you later.

Love, ME

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