Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This photo was emailed to me today as an advertisement for a sale on motherwear.com. Is motherwear seriously still using my photos? That was over a year ago. This shirt was actually brown, nice photoshop job guys.

I will never forget this photoshoot for several reasons:

A. When my baby was about 7 weeks old, my agents called me to ask my measurements. I made something up that sounded reasonable, having just given birth 7 weeks ago. I was not about to pull out the measuring tape.

B. I had to travel for only the second time in my long (2 years) career as a model. We shot the entire catalog on location in South Hampton, Massachusetts. My husband and toddler hung out together checking out the butterfly museum and the movie theatre.

C. Both of the models hired were named Kris(ty). So, because I required a girdle (thank you, 10 week old baby), my nickname for the duration of the shoot was, Gertie.

D. The third day of shooting was lingerie/pajamas. I had to wear an outfit that sported my midrif. I had NO idea this was part of the job. I put on the sports bra and pajama bottoms and walked onto the set. The entire set of people (client, photographer, artistic director, makeup artist, and about 5 others), I swear to you, took a collective breath in, by way of telling me...."Suck it in little lady." It was so noticeable I called them all on it. But, they were really nice about my postpartum figure.

E. I actually had to nurse someone else's baby, all in the name of work. Just kidding, she's mine, all mine.

When I look back on these photos I feel glad that I am past that part of being a mother of two. It is tiring nursing a baby and working through that. The baby was an absolute dream on that set. She would be photographed while eating, and then sleep in the trailer until she was hungry again...absolute dream. And it is a trip that I will never forget.


Anonymous said...

I just got a catalog from them, and you are all over it. And in several shots, your wedding bands are on your right hand-they must have reversed some shots, along with changing colors. Kind of made me laugh!


Anonymous said...
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