Monday, September 25, 2006

My brother's girlfriend is HOT.

I knew this would happen someday. I am the oldest of four kids, and the age spans 11 years. That decade is really going to start catching up with me someday. I am going to be the oldest daughter, the OLD aunt, the wrinkly matriarch of the family once my mother passes on (in 50 years). I feel pretty good about myself after having two kids, and roughing it in city life for the past decade, but the OLDEST SISTER thing is starting to creep up on me.

My brother just started college about 2 months ago, after he spent a week being my manny while I was in California. My brother....I guess I will admit it, he's a looker. And on top of that, he is such a nice and good guy. Of course this kind of guy is going to date. When my mom and I discuss our little son/brother (who is now an adult) dating, we reassure ourselves that it's natural (inevitable) to want to date when you are 18 years old. We are just not quite ready for this.

And now....he has a HOT girlfriend. I saw her picture today and I realized that she hasn't had two kids, she doesn't have cellulite and grey hair (I found 3 yesterday!), and her teeth are white and her boobs are....well, she hasn't nursed two children! She's hot!

And now it has begun. My little brother and sister will bring home their fiances and they will be at least a decade (maybe more if my brother is like my husband) younger then me, and they won't have been through the ringer...and I will always have these young and attractive sister and brothers-in-law aging slower then me, and just being younger then me for my entire life!


Emery and Jen Layton said...

I totally understand. I am the oldest of 5 and have a married sister with two babies, a good looking super-dating 24 year old brother and two pre-mission hotties for brothers... where did all the time go? The youngest will be 18 in just a couple months. My hangup is that I will be the 'old' sister, and the 'old' mom since I didn't start the child bearing process at 18 (like the little sis) but it's all good. As long as you have fun, and ARE fun, you will remain the favorite. I can honestly and selfishly say that I am the favorite of all the siblings, and dangit, I deserve it!

Rachel H said...

I too feel like that as the oldest of 5 girls and 1 brother. Mine is only 15 though and I am only JUST starting to see it happening. LAST fall he already had some sassy girl in his grade march up to my Dad and announce to him that she was going to marry my brother! YIKES! It's too scary to imagine. Besides the fact that NO ONE will EVER be GOOD ENOUGH!! I feel like the MARMY marm already! But why else would I work at BCBG? To maintain my youth of course- where I am also the OLDEST one there!

tracy m said...

Kage,we don't know each other IRL, but I need to chime in here:

Ok, I too am the oldest. I have no sisters, only brothers. While I kind of know what you are saying, come on! You are more beautiful than 95% of the population, even the population a decade younger than you!! Relax about it- if your brother marries a hot chick, cool. Be a roll model to her in cultivating your inner soul as well as your amazing outer beauty...