Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nick Jr. October

Yesterday I did something I have never done before, in the name of multi-tasking. I had a go-see for Dudley Publications, which is the company that supplies all those images for all those hair magazines (if you click on the link, you will see me on the cover, wearing yellow on the right). The last time I worked for them, the go-see took about 1 hour, so knowing that, I wanted to be there early. I realized this a little late though, so I rushed around this morning to get myself washed, clothed, and out the door. I had no time for makeup so...

I threw it all in a bag, and jetted to drop my older daughter off at school. Then I walked to the corner, and while I waited for the bus, I did my makeup. Ingenious! Not only did I not have to walk 10 blocks, but I finished in the EXACT time it took for the bus to arrive. I was like: "Why haven't I done this before?"

After the go-see (that I was half an hour EARLY some lose some), I decided to try to hunt down the cover of the October issue of Nick Jr. Magazine. My daughter and I did the cover-try for it, so I was anxious to see if we made it. I was greeted by security and a line of crazy people, who apparently had been sleeping on the sidewalk the night before. I heard the news that U2 was making an appearance at the store later that afternoon. As a result, everytime I exchanged these words with someone: Have a nice day, You two....I laughed.

I digress. I got to the magazine section and they were still displaying the September issue. I inquired at the help desk about getting the October copy. They explained that they had new "magazine laws" about following the dates on magazines that say: Display Until _________...kind of like an expiration date. Apparently Nick Jr.'s September Issue expired TODAY, and the guy was about to tell me to come back tomorrow. Are you kidding me? I nicely explained why I needed the magazine so much, and he was nice enough to find me a few copies for purchase, in the back.

I had to break the news to my daughter that she didn't get the cover, and she took it extremely well...she fake cried for 1 1/2 seconds, until she spotted the package of 60 gummy eyeballz that I bought for Halloween from Costco. I think she should have gotten it, I mean look at that little prairie girl pillowcase costume:

I just looked at the cover again, and noticed the wording on the little bear's tummy. That's interesting huh? I guess there was no other place to put it? My hair probably would have been ok, but whatever. This little boy has a twin sister and the two of them are inside the magazine along with some other really cute ideas for pillowcase costumes.

I really enjoyed this job because for most of it, I was working with my daughter, and we really love it when we get a chance to work together.

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