Friday, September 22, 2006

Posse Train

Yesterday I entered the subway train car and at least half the car was laughing at what appeared to be the same thing. This NEVER happens. I looked around and I saw a woman standing on the subway seat. I knew why. I tried to remain calm despite my murophobia.

I calmly asked a man nearby if there was a rat on the car. He said: "A mouse," and then held up two fingers to indicate that it was very small. I nonchalantly walked to the other end of the train car and consciously decided to stand in the middle, b/c A. I know that rodents like to creep along the sides of walls, and B. I was on my feet in case I needed to move rapidly away from the rodent.

At the next stop I switched subway cars, and started breathing again.

My Posse Train will rest tomorrow, no jobs, holds, bookings, auditions, nada, nothing, zilch. I am going to a wedding though.

Yesterday afternoon I found out that I am on hold for a job on the 28th for a book cover...the title: Queen of Babel. Yes, my agent burst out laughing when she told me the news. Should be an interesting one.

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