Friday, September 08, 2006

School Adventures

The Glass Posse Adventures of late have centered around the commencement of my older daughter's education. I am sitting here right now in the first peaceful moment I have had in about a month. My older daughter is at school and my baby is asleep. Can I get a collective sigh please?

Genius that I am, I decided to give my older daughter a break from what we call "little school" for the month of August. I thought it would be nice if we spent our summer days together before she started school for the rest of her life. We did have many fun adventures going to the Queens Zoo, The New York Aquarium, Scholastic Book Store, Central Park, The Astoria Playground, etc. However, my kids started driving me nuts. I think it was too much 2 on 1. Up until August I had maintained a healthy balance of 1 on 1 vs. 2 on 1 vs. alone time ratio...and then it all got messed up with my older daughter constantly home.

The thing is, she was the good one most of the time, it was little sis that just made everybody crazy all the time. Needless to say, I am glad school has begun. It has brought a whole new set of adventures, starting with the first day.

We ushered the kids into the school gym where they were greeted by a mom-helper and their teachers, and sorted into two lines. Blue crayon nametags in one, yellow smileyfaces in another. My daughter had a yellow smiley face which meant she was in Mrs. Larson's class. I was having my first-day-of-school-mommy-verklempt moment when it was interrupted by Miss Irene, who is the teacher who evaluated my daughter, interviewed her, and introduced me to the school last spring. She approached me and said: "You know, if you want your daughter in MY CLASS, you know what to do." I must have had a stupefied look on my face, because she went on to explain: "You just talk to the assistant principal and you demand a change." I think I nodded, still with the stupefied look, and went on my way. She then approached me one last time with: "If you WANT your child in MY CLASS..." and then indicated where the assitant principal was standing.

I thought this was shocking, unexpected, hilarious, and concerning all at once. First of all, because you did that, I am totally turned off to you and your class. Secondly, it is concerning that you are competitive against a teacher that you share the same goals with: educating our children. Thirdly, what kind of person demands their child is in one class or another, specific circumstances pending. I was concerned about my child being in the same class as another child that I think is a negative influence, but even if they were put in the same class, I would not have requested a change unless something serious/major happened, AFTER I had given it a chance...and even then I mean come on...they're 4. Needless to say, I am not demanding a change.

I was really impressed with Mrs. Larson. She seems self confident, down to earth, and she has good grammar, which is hard to come by in this neck of the woods. And I have a feeling my daughter won't come home with a New York accent after being taught by her all day, so that's nice. She'll still fit in with our family.

This morning was day 2 of school, and the first day without moms and dads actually coming into the building with them. About an hour before we had to leave my daughter peed all over the bathroom floor. I was...not happy. My husband thinks it is NOT a coincidence that it was her first real day of "real" school and she had this very out-of-character accident. The last time this happened it was in the family room on my carpet, the second day her sister was home, 17 months ago. Maybe he's right. I guess I would prefer the liquid in the form of tears rather than pee...but what are you gonna do? I'll tell you what, call your child a puppy, clean it up, and move on.

Here is a letter that I wrote right after the first day yesterday.

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