Friday, September 15, 2006

Stoop Sale

Last weekend we had a stoop sale. That's right...stoop. In Astoria, we don't have yards or garages that can hold a sale, we have stoops. I think I made close to 80 dollars. It was a dissappointing turn out despite my flyer hanging, poster hanging, craigslist listings, and crossing fingers. We had about 5 families represented though, and amongst all of us we sold a stereo system, two bikes, the first season of LOST on DVD, and a bunch of crap that we no longer needed. We even sold one of two sweaters that I accidentally singed when I put a match down on them that was still lit...we were celebrating our friends birthday.

One guy watching from his balcony saw a spiffy set of golf clubs walk into the house of our friend, and came running over to inquire: Nope, not for sale...sorry. During the sale I had several inquiries on my daughter's tutu from her recital...the 70 dollar one, worn 3 times. I wanted 5 bucks for it, what can I say. As we were loading our stuff at the end of the day to take to salvation army (not including the tu-tu), my husband GAVE it to a woman who was not looking to buy anything. I cringed and then let it go...."My treasures do not rise with me..."

I did have fun though, spending the day sitting at my friend's stoop just talking. We had a stoop sale several years ago and I think that was one of the first times that these now amazing friends that I have, all bonded. I remember loading up my ginormous GRACO stroller with all my stuff, and precariously walking it the SEVERAL blocks to my friend's stoop, and then selling away. One friend sold everything for one dollar, and even though she didn't make the most money in the end, I think she moved the most items. I used her technique this time around, in honor of her. How much? 1 DOLLAR!

My favorite moment of THAT (not this) stoop sale was when a guy approached me about my guitar:
guy: how much?
me: 15
guy (getting out his LARGE cash clip): 50?
me: no 15 (doh)

I did NOT have my new york mind going...I SO could have gotten 50 bucks for that piece of crap. RATS.

Hey, I am off to Boston, see ya Tuesday.


tracy m said...

I totally want the dress with cherries on it!

Have fun in Boston.

Kage said...

isn't that dress so cute? I will check to see if it might not have....and I can send it to you!

TftCarrie said...

That's right. One dollar. Everyone wants something when it's only a dollar. Sad I missed the stoop sale. I have good memories of our first one.

marian said...

My memory of that last stoop sale was Carrie demonstrating the foot spa for some guy who was just walking by that she started... harassing might be the word? Anyway, if I remember correctly he bought it? Hire her for your next sale, she knows how to move the merchandise.

chloe said...

THat last stoop sale was on my stoop! Hurray! It was so much fun. I remember sending Kage to the corner with a big sign and telling her to get people down our street. If anyone can get people interested in something, it's Kage. We had a blast that day!