Friday, October 20, 2006

60 bucks...

What could I do with 60 extra bucks in my budget?

~Lunch out, heck, dinner out.
~take my daughter to the Bronx zoo with her class (30 dollars for her, 30 dollars for me...I know a rip off of a field trip)
~save it...sorry, burns a hole right through....thus my strict budget
~new toy for my kid
~new cds
~put it toward a new dvd player, since ours is on the rocks
~few hours of babysitting and a movie
~new shoes
~hair color
~christmas cards

No....I am feeling generous, so I bought a tiny little something for one of Oprah's Katrina homes, and stopped by the GAP to buy something RED.....have you bought your red today? I bought this, in raw indigo, and a pin for $1.00....LOVE IT....and I am helping to stop the spread of disease in Africa.

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