Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Adventure Tuesday

Today was full of adventures. I had some unique experiences today. It started with a 4-hour job for Dudley Publications. They are the guys that put together all the photos for the albums you look at when you are picking your hair cut out at the salon, or in those hair magazines. Last time I worked for them was in April 2004. Here are a few of the photos:

Today I was photographed with a sleeky, straight bob, and then with a set that was very mod...sort of 60's. The hair gurus for my photos were Paul Kenneth himself, and his team. They are in Boston, and were really nice people. I love salon people, they are so supportive of each other, in the name of beauty.

After that I rushed home to fix my hair and makeup so that I went from 60's mod to a young mom, for a Sprint PCS go-see. My husband was kind enough to take a half day at work so that he could watch the kids for the afternoon. The go-see was one of the weirdest I have been to. They herded us in a room of about 5 people, in groups of 4, and they made literally 2-second decisions on whether or not they even wanted to polaroid you. I was told this was a request, which usually means you are already being strongly considered. When I went in they did ask to look at my book, and BARELY looked at it, and then excused me. Bizarre to the max.

My audition this afternoon was for Office Depot, and this was fun. There were four to a group, and we were to make up our own choreography to their TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS/OFFICE DEPOT jingle. Luckily we had an experienced choreographer in our group, so she took charge...I was so glad. I think we did a good job, but mostly it was just really fun to sing and dance for about a half an hour this afternoon, with complete strangers.

In other news, a media distributor called and showed strong interest in distributing my album. Whether or not this deal comes to fruition, only time will tell. However, the positive thing about this is that people outside of the very involved/personal/tangled/hard-to-be-objective circle are taking notice and acknowledging that my album is worth listening to, marketing and selling! Yeah. Now I just need to get through the newest obstacles cropping up with replication...my poor graphic artist!!! Hang in there Marian.

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