Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Amazing Internet

When I was 16 I met a boy while participating in all-state theatre. Kids from all around the state auditioned for a production, and the "best" kids were cast in the show as the ultimate in high school theatre. We practiced over long weekends about once a month from August to January, when we presented the show at Theatrefest at U of I. We were in Man of La Mancha. I played Antonia, and the boy played Sancho.

We became quite fond of each other rather quickly, and tried to "date" despite him living in a suburb of St. Louis, which was HOURS away from my home in the suburbs of Chicago. He suggested I get the internet, so that we could communicate via email.

I asked my parents about it and they just laughed...I remember I was standing in the loft area of our home which looks over to the family room below. It wasn't even up for discussion. I was ok with that b/c I didn't know what I was missing, but looking back on that feels like a very ancient story....the internet? are you joking? ......What is it?

That was 1996.

10 years later, a lot has changed. You might say I am co-dependant with the, movie times, imdb database, online bill paying, itunes, email, blogging...the list goes on. The internet has some scary parts to it of course...and being out here in the public domain puts me in a vunerable position I am sure, but so far so good.

Today I got an email from Lorraine in Louisiana, who saw me in a Nuvaring Commercial, who did this google search: nuvaring and haircut. I just did the search, and this blog does not come up until page 14. So Lorraine from Louisiana had to search through 14 pages of search results, click on the Glass Posse September Archive link that page 14 provided for her, make her way to my OTHER website, and find my email on the last page of that website, in order to contact me.

Wow. This girl wants new hair bad.

But awesome is that that she could find me? How scary amazing is the internet?

And just a quick note to Sancho...I am glad that we didn't have email, because it was fun talking on the phone, and getting the occasional videotaped message delivered to me by the United States Postal Service.


Kage's Mom said...

What were we thinking? We sure couldn't live without the internet now.

SamueLJackson said...
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