Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Costume Clue...the final

Costume Clue #3

Costume Clue #2

Costume Clue #1


Juls said...

I normally don't post on blogs of people I don't know...but I love your blog! Natasha and I used to be neighbors and are friends so I figure this shouldn't be too creepy! But I wanted to guess your costume.

Helen otherwise known as Elastigirl from the Incredibles...when I saw the boots I thought cat woman, pretty woman, or the incredibles...Holly Hunt was the key!

wendysue said...

Darn. I lost out. Maybe you could reuse the boots for catwoman next year?

Kage said...

good job juls....tracy m too---you were the first to figure it out! Full costume photos will be up next week.

ps, juls, the costume would not have been the same without Natasha's help!

tracy m said...

Hooray!! Ah, the small things that make our days... at least I can say I've won something, eh?? Can't wait to see the whole dealie.