Monday, October 16, 2006

First CD Sold

There have been a few "fans" that have requested that they be the one to buy the first cd. Sorry guys....I just sold my first one TODAY. I put a BUY button on my website for pre-sales. There were many reasons for this including actually getting packaging ready, and getting some out of the way before the Christmas rush (that I am of course hoping will occur).

I have not publicized it at all, but a friend of mine from Arizona must have been popping by my website today, and she clicked on BUY, and now I have her money and she has a promise to have a cd in just a few weeks.

When I saw the email in my inbox that I had made the sale, I got tears in my eyes. I wasn't expecting this reaction at all. In that moment though, I realized what a long winding road it has been to produce a CD from start to middle. I am nowhere near the end yet, but this middle place is the scary place b/c it is all about: What now?

I also got a tear because I really appreciate the support from her, and the obvious enthusiasm of someone willing to pre-order a Christmas cd in early (oh yeah, middle, halfway through yes!) October. I am going to address your cd mailer right now Ms. L.


Emery and Jen Layton said...

Oh Kristy lady... I am a die hard fan girl! You know you were my favorite member back on the good ol' mish! This CD will be a great addition to our family Christmas memories, especially because you have such a fabulous place in my heart! You go girl!!!

TftCarrie said...

I can't believe I missed buying the first CD! Darn you Sister Layton!

J/K. I am just glad they are finally on presale!

Congrats K.

Kage's Mom said...

Keep us posted on the progress of sales