Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Head Stuck in a Gate

Today my daughter decided to put her head through two slats of a gate, while playing at her friend's house. She got stuck. They tried reversing the direction, rubbing her neck in olive oil, and finally some sort of pulley system worked. I think her friend's Dad attached ropes to the two rods that were trapping her, and pulled them away from her head, while she slid out.

When I arrived to pick her up, she seemed a-ok accept for some greasy hair and some redness near both of her ears. It was a nice image though...ones head stuck in a gate. This is how I feel about forgiveness...until you can forgive others, you feel like your head is stuck in a gate.

Yesterday I called a family member, who I needed to call years before, and to put it quite generically, I cleared the air. Even though it was a hard thing to do, I felt better afterwards, because I no longer harbor hard feelings. A friend reminded me that this week was the Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur, and asked me if I was participating this year. I did a little research and found this on wikipedia:
Reconciliation with others
"The Day of Atonement absolves from sins against God, but not from sins against a fellow human unless the pardon of the offended person be secured" (Mishnah tractate Yoma 8:9). Hence the custom of terminating all feuds and disputes on the eve of the fastday..."

Just today I got another email from someone who wants to have a similar discussion. So, I guess everybody has the Yom Kippur spirit, whether they are Jewish or not. I think it is such a great tradition, maybe I will institute an annual: Let's clear the air DAY!

Today was really frustrating because I had appointments at 2 and 2:15, 19 blocks away from each other. I got to the 2 o clock at 1:28, hoping to be the first one in, leave at 2:01 and make my 2:15. At 2:02, I felt like I just had to go. I was third on the list, but they were showing no signs of starting. At 2:07 I was still waiting for the SLOWEST elevator in NYC (39 W 19th St....seriously, you have to allow at least 10 minutes of elevator time, every time you go there), not remembering that b/c of the elevator I should have left at 1:55. The guy who was second on the list came to the elevator and had just gotten his picture taken, so I was ticked because I could have gotten mine taken too, and STILL made the elevator. Oh well, I was 3 minutes late to my audition, which was more important anyway b/c it was for a commercial.

Now the children are asleep, and I can look forward to the season premiere of LOST and the reunion show of Project Runway. I HEART TIVO.

Hey, go get your heads unstuck....Happy Yom Kippur!


wendysue said...

A good day of forgiveness deserves a night of Tivo TV.

marian said...

Oh I wish I was watching those things right now, two splendiferous hours of TV. I'll have to settle for some Tivo time tomorrow or after the weekend though. {sigh} Enjoy for me!