Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Nerd

I went to Naperville, IL this past weekend, for 21 1/2 hours, to see my baby sister in a play called The Nerd. She is a junior in high school and this was her first really big role. The past two years, she has showed her comic genius in speech competitions, writing and performing her own original comedy. The girl's got skeelz.

The play was hilarious. Baby sis was so good. She looked so cute in her 1982 costumes. All of the kids, and especially lil sis were so great at listening on stage, which is a really hard skill to acquire at a young age. As a result, all kinds of flubs (knocking over lamps, talking out of turn, general mayhem) were totally incorporated into the scene with ease. Lil sis was particularly great at her physical comedy...from subtle facial expressions to all out interpretive dance, imitating a mastodon, and an attempt to prevent a man from turning into a pig.

The entire cast had impeccable diction and projection, and some of the best chemistry I have ever seen in a high school production. As I was preparing to go, this thought came to mind: "Isn't it great that no matter how old you are...what you are doing is important?" I remember being in her position and taking it so seriously, and trying so hard to be as great as I could be. I am still that way today, but the scale is different and the stakes a bit higher. I could have easily laughed at a silly high school production and stayed at home living my very important, serious and professional life, but what for? It's all important, and I would not have missed it for a dozen of my very tasty iced pumpkin cookies.

The local newspapers are really great at supporting the community and educational productions. Two different papers covered The Nerd. Below are the photos that they published to advertise:

Ummm....guy on the left, are you serious? Like, do you REALLY want to attach your name to that photo? I tried to look at it from every different angle, and ignore the fact that it is a really bad photo of lil sis right dead center and out of focus, and I still can't see any artistic merit there. Guy on the right, that photo is a little stagnant as well, but at least it has a little more to look at.

I prefer this photo:

It's possible that I am a little biased b/c I took the photo, but nevertheless, it leaves a lot to ponder....why are they staring at the apple? Why is she wearing a fur coat indoors? Which one is The Nerd?

Enough criticizing. I am so glad that I went, even if there was a close call at losing some of my beloved cosmetics. Lil sis, you are going to do big things, and I am so excited to watch it all unfold.


Anonymous said...

We missed each other by a week. :) I was back home 2 weekends ago.

I think that you make a very good point. What we do IS important! When we were at WVHS we did take drama/music VERY seriously. We had to! It was our PASSION! We were also very fortunate to have the teachers who helped us reach our potential at that point in our lives.

I hope you had a great time back "home"!

Anonymous said...

So - I don't know why I never put together that your part of the Chicago area was Naperville - that's the city my dad grew up in!! Every summer when we visited my mother's parent in Downers Grove we'd go to church in Naperville and then drive past his old house. Too funny.

Kage's Mom said...

Kage is such an awesome and supportive sister. She had her flight booked within an hour of the casting of the show.