Sunday, October 01, 2006

October, The Cursed Month

October 18, 1991-diagnosed with pneumonia.
October 18, 1992-diagnosed with pneumonia. (it's true, same day, one year later, I swear)
October 31, 2002-crazy neighbor threatened to kill me

From my journal, 2002-"The city is beating me. I haven’t quite lassoed the beast yet. I have tried to stand up to it’s subways, flashers (on the subway), walking, stairs, gigantic cockroaches, rats (some dead, some alive), Croatian landlords, weather, delis, auditions, cab drivers, airports, hecklers, retail stores, noise, rent payments, realtors, parking, driving, busses, branches, banks, shoes, strollers, lingerie shops, headshot reproductions studios, neighbors. I was losing the battle for about two weeks, but now I Am feeling a win around the corner.

"On Halloween my neighbor went ballistic again. The details are documented on my NEIGHBOR file, for the police and whoever else is interested, so I won’t include them here, but in a rather toned down conversation Jason asked our neighbor; “How are we to protect ourselves against your violence?” (The violence that she is prone to, do to her mental condition) and she replied, “Get a gun.”'

I cannot for the life of me find the NEIGHBOR file, wouldn't that be interesting to read again?

October 21, 2003-quarentined in the hospital, diagnosed with viral meningitis. About two weeks into my meningitis, I recorded a dream that I had....let's just say it was pretty cookoo. Aside from the inital symptoms, my lasting condition (for about 5 weeks) was vertigo 24/7, and compromised peripheral vision. The permanent condition from my meningitis is that I am now prone to car-sickness, and sometimes I have mild dizzy spells in certain lights...usually in retail stores. I am so blessed, b/c people die, go blind, deaf, become epileptic etc. I am also blessed because no one else in my circle of friends and family got the illness. PS...if you ever want to sail through triage at the ER, pretend you can't touch your chin to your chest ; )

October 7, 2005-3 1/2 year old daughter diagnosed with mononucleosis.

So here we are now, in the cursed month, 2006. October is actually one of my favorite months because I love Halloween. But, as you can see, there have been quite a few fraught with adversity beyond compare.


D said...

perhaps you should have a standing doctor's appointment for october 15th each year. That would give you the feeling that you had done something to prepare.

just a thought.

jlk said...

Good luck this month :)