Monday, October 09, 2006


This past weekend was the first time I have flown since the liquid bomb scare and subsequent changes in security. At LaGuardia airport I walked right through security onto the plane with no questions, comments or concerns. 21 1/2 hours later, at O'Hare, I had the exact same stuff, and my purse was chosen for a search.

The security officer put on his blue gloves and started unpacking my carefully packed very large purse. I had put the nonessential items at the bottom, the baby board books in a nice pile at the side, and the diapers and wipes near the top for easy access. Now my careful organization was thwarted as he went through my bag. I saw him going through my makeup bags and he pulled out 3 Mac lipglosses and an Yves Saint Laurent tube of mascara. Retail Value: $70.00

I of course am cringing, and I had already said I did not know what the new rules and regulations were. First they took away my water, I asked if I could just finish it off (b/c I get dehydrated on the plane and it was 5:07 AM, nothing was really open to purchase water), before they threw it away.....big fat NO. Now he is holding my lipglosses and mascara and I am sure he knows I am going to flip out. Another lady security guard was really nice telling me there was a solution. See, I had three pumpkin muffins, each in their own ziploc bag, in my purse (thanks mom), and they told me to take one of the muffins out, and put those 4 tubes of cosmetics inside one of them. So I did, and then I was free to go.

I think th real procedure is that you should come to the security line with your liquids separated and in a ziploc bag for individual x-ray/assessment, and of course I did not know this...but come on...I am not complaining b/c I saved myself 70 bucks, but seriously...put a ziploc bag around my cosmetics and now all of a sudden I am no longer a bomb threat...seriously? SERIOUSLY? Take a look at everything that I had in my two carry-on bags, and those 4 tubes were the bomb threats?

They even let my daughter keep her 9 oz. bottle, full of milk. Now again, I am not complaining, but if THIS is what our security system is doing, then what's the point? How much time did they waste going through my purse, and they didn't even find the purell? For sure, that would have gone in the trash, if my smallish waterbottle and even smaller lotion was tossed. I just don't get it.

Another thing I don't get is Con Ed. Last night they were back, we were without power for at least 4 hours, and my next door neighbor's carbon monoxide levels caused his alarm to go off, so now we have Con Ed workers searching every apartment with their CM meters. They were really nice, but again, what up? Why does the power going off in 6 buildings (that all touch each other), mean that Carbon Monoxide gets up to a level that the alarm goes off? Why is it that the Con Ed men were shocked when we all came out of apartments shouting... Who turned off the power? Why did it take so long to get it back on again? Why isn't the problem TRULY fixed yet? The entire community is just living on a patch job....

Anyway, America....gotta love it?

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wendysue said...

I flew out of Baltimore 2 days after the London-US, bomb, airplane scare and no one, NO ONE, even asked me if I had any of that stuff or checked carry ons. . .I was a little annoyed that I had thrown out everything. . .even my baby's gas drops (a necessity!)