Friday, October 06, 2006


This weekend I am flying to Chicago to see my lil sis in a play called The Nerd. Apparently she has a lead role, and I am really excited to see her in it. She is a comedienne. She competes in this speech category called ORIGINAL COMEDY and she writes a 10 minute piece and plays every character in it. She performed one of her comedy's about a zoo,at our family reunion, and it was pretty dang funny.

2 years ago she was also in the fall play at her high school, The Wizard of Oz. I think it was her first play, and since she is 11 years my younger, she had sat through A LOT Of my performances, so I wanted to surprise her and show up for hers. My sister, her husband and I all flew in/drove in the day of her play, unbeknownst to ANY of our other family members, and surprised everyone. It was probably the best surprise I have ever orchestrated..okay maybe the ONLY one.

You can see in the photo that she is crying, and pretty happy that we made it. She played one of the grumpy, apple-throwing trees, but she was also queen of the poppies and did this really beautiful ballet dance. Since it was a children's show, and they invite all the kids from the District's Elementary Schools, she wanted to be the tree for the autograph-signing portion of the evening.

This weekend it's not a surprise. Since it's such a short trip, I wanted everyone to be able to help me out with picking me up etc. I am also bringing my (now very large) lap baby, so that my older daughter and husband can have a daddy-daughter day. They are really looking forward to it. My other sister is coming again, and this time she will have an itty bitty baby with her, so I will get to meet my niece for the first time. It should be an adventure.


Anonymous said...

All of you are so darn gorgeous!!!

Sam said...

Wish I could have pulled a surprise and been with you guys this weekend, but that doesn't really fit my budget right now. Have fun, but don't forget about me! ;)

trimama said...

Here's a link that I thought you would like:

Its called NYC children and follows a project that tries to photograph a child from every country, but they need to be from NYC.

chloe said...

Tri Mama, I just sent that link to my girlfriends - it's an awesome project - amazing to watch!