Thursday, October 26, 2006

Third Person Thursday

She tried so hard to be on time that morning. She arrived 15 minutes before she wanted to get there, but she was waiting on the wrong floor. By the time she figured that out, she was one minute late. She rushed up the two flights to get to the RIGHT floor. She had been doing a good job of keeping her cool and composure under the stress, but to be late made her very flustered.

The school was very organized, and being one minute late meant her daughter was bumped from the 10:40 group to the 11:00 group. She and her daughter went into the holding room with the other kids and moms. They played legos until it was time for her daughter to attend her music class...which was really an audition for kindergarten.

She took a seat and started talking A LOT to another mom nearby. She realized while she was doing it that talking is how she deals with her nerves. If she talks fast and furiously, the energy leaves through her mouth instead of through the shakes. She was making friendly banter with the mom when the topic of work came up. She did a lot of print work, the mom she was talking to, worked for a Travel Magazine. They exchanged words about the industry, editorial work, the magazine, and covered a lot of ground about each others' jobs.

A second mom came and sat down on her other side. Her son was having issues with leaving her company. To distract her from her dissappointment, she started talking to the second mom. She learned that she worked at Morgan Stanley, but that was about it because then her son started acting up again, and she left the room.

She looked around the room, and then lit upon the first mom that she had already had quite a conversation with and asked: "What do you do?"

The mom stared at her for a second and then said: "I work for a travel magazine" in this "what-are-you-kidding-me-we-just-talked-about-what-I-do-for-15-minutes-are-you-a-total-nut-job?" tone of voice.


Bek said...

I love this story. I am a talker at all times, but I am an especially proficient NERVOUS talker. That is why I couldn't do a job like one would let me in the waiting room!!

Can't wait to hear how the "music class" went.

Melissa said...

Love it. What was your response?

Kage said...

my response: "I'm so sorry...I know, we were just talking about that..." and I was saved by the children being "returned" to us.