Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Trippy TW3 Moment

Yesterday I noticed my daughter was watching The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. There was an older woman on who immediately seemed so familiar to me. I decided that I thought she was on Days of Our Lives. I looked up the episode of Suite Life on the IMDB and her name popped up as Millicent Martin.

I thought….not the same Millicent Martin that was the original TW3 (That was the week taht was) girl? I scrolled down….indeed it was….she was on Days of our Lives as well, but I just couldn’t believe the coincidence. And even though I knew who the young Millicent Martin was, I had never made the connection with the older version.

See, I was the new TW3 girl a few years back. It was short-lived, but nevertheless it did occur, and I watched her tapes to study up on what it meant to be the TW3 girl. I hope that I continue to follow in her footsteps, because she has had a great career, and I think my grandkids would think I was pretty cool if I was making appearances on the Disney channel in my seventies…

To watch a clip, click here, and scroll down.

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