Monday, October 23, 2006

Unfortunate Candles

My mom decorates the house in a different theme every month. Growing up, some time during the first week of the month, we would come home from school and the house would be transformed. January-snowmen, February-Valentines March-St. Pats April-Easter (though sometimes this was tricky depending on when Easter hit), May--can't remember June-probably something summery, July-red, white blue, Aug-can't remember, Sept-back to school, and the last three months are obvious. The last three months are also the most outrageous.

When I went home that first weekend of October, I smiled when I walked right into a 3 inch ghost that she always suspends from an archway...ever since I can remember that little ghost has swung from an archway somewhere. I love it. I don't decorate to the same extent in my home (apt), but I LOVE that my mom does it. Christmas...forget about's like going to Macy's Santaland...but better.

My mother of course has a hard time resisting said decorations when she is out and about shopping with her friends, so each year there is usually a little something new or different. A few years ago it was candles. I walked into the family room, sat down and looked at her new Halloween candles and I gasped. It doesn't take a dirty mind to see why I might have gasped...I expressed what I thought the candles looked like and my mother was aghast as well...especially when my Dad was quick to agree. I guess he hadn't said anything before...I blurted it out.

Oh was hilarious. And despite my making fun of the candles, they are still up...going on three years now. I love it.

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Kage's Mom said...

I loved this post! Thank you so much for making my day. When I was decorating for Halloween the other day I thought, will I still do this when Lil Sis leaves the house? It was an automatic yes! I will still do it. Decorating for holidays makes ordinary life special. I love it.