Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Virtual Shout Out

This past weekend I spent a lot of time outside of the home having a fun time with some friends. My husband graciously and willingly took time off of work so that he could parent our children solo. I had a guilt-free, stress-free long weekend that was really refreshing for me. Thank you so much for helping out with not only your own children, but our daughter's friend too.

It has been a little slow in the auditions department lately, but I am glad because I had a pretty bad cold that is just now getting better, and I need a little recovery time from lack of sleep and too much partying.

I am on vocal rest again. Yesterday went well, mostly because I tried to stay indoors and away from social interaction. Today will be more difficult because I have a doctor's appointment for the little one and I need to make headway on a few items of business that require telephone calls...maybe I will push them off for one more day.

The thing about vocal rest is that you have to fully commit to it. You can allow for NO exceptions, no "HI!"'s, "How are you?"'s, no laughing...nothing...or else you will make exceptions all day long and pretty soon you are just talking all day. Yesterday was fun because my baby started talking a little bit more, I am sure just to hear some noise! She has recently discovered our LIttle Tikes karaoke machine, and she loves to "sing" into the microphone to hear herself.

Speaking of karaoke, this is one of the reasons my voice is fried. Saturday night I co-hosted a Karaoke Baby Shower for my girlfriend at Gagopa Karaoke in Koreatown. It was so much fun, and utterly taxing. I sang Hero, You Oughta Know (forgot about the bad words in that one....made up new ones), Dancing Queen, and I am sure something else, but I have little recollection...and all I drank was water...

Anyway, it was good times, and here is a photo that captures the magic:

Yes, I have turquoise eye shadow on one eye, and pink on the other. A crazy makeup technique I had been wanting to try all summer, and this outfit, and that night was the perfect opportunity.

CD Sales are still going well...I have been given a ship date of Oct. 26th, so I should have them in hand by November 1st!

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