Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Tomorrow I am sending my mastered album to the place where they make me a gajillion copies and then send them back to me. It is a great feeling, but this whole project that started earlier this year, feels FAR from over. In fact, it has just begun because now we need to get it into the hands of those who want to hear some Christmas music. Can I get a HOLLA? HOLLA! (that is my new fave thing to do to my 4 year old).

It is now the fourth quarter of the year. Everything I have been working on in 2006 has pointed to this set of 3 months-OCT, NOV and DEC. In the next 3 months I have a lot to accomplish. I am really excited because though I love the arts and creativity, I really thrive on business. My major was music/business and I can honestly say I loved both sides equally. I would love being an accountant almost as much as I love my adventures...seriously.

So now I am focusing on purchasing cd mailers, setting up my website to communicate correctly with paypal, organizing my emailing/mailing list, printing posters, postcards, finalizing my appearances, travel arrangements, wardrobe, networking, planning a party, and SPREADING the word. I also have to practice some time in there, for the concerts I am singing in, plan an ENTIRE concert for my church (Dec. 2nd), and finish my Halloween Costume. We might just skip Thanksgiving this year, accept for the parade, we MUST SEE THE PARADE!

I had a pretty bad slump this summer after my CA trip...I just wasn't feeling quite in the groove of my life...but things are looking up, and I am going to really try to enjoy every day for the next 3 months, because the chaos that will shortly ensue has been utterly and completely brought upon by myself. Your welcome self.

ps. photo is by Jan Cobb, for the photoshoot for Natural Born Charmer


Jason said...

Nice hops in the pic. Did not realize you had that type of vertical in you. By the way...you brought this on all of us...not just yourself...and we love you for it.

Sadoan said...


- your bro sam

TftCarrie said...

Can't wait to see/rather hear the results of a year of hard work.