Friday, November 24, 2006

80th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade

It wasn't my most favorite Macy's Parade of all time. It was REALLY WET. I am glad that my wonderful husband went early and staked out some spots under some scaffolding. We were warmer and dryer than most, and did not require umbrellas. As a result, our view wasn't quite as good, BUT the balloons were being flown VERY low because of the wind, so it didn't matter that much. Super Grover was pretty much licking the pavement the entire parade. Poor Grover.

There was a little adventure at this year's parade. First, my daughter had to go to the bathroom, which believe it or not, has never happened. I walked about a block to a parking garage and a very nice man let me use their facilities. Phewsh.

Then a hotdog/pretzel vendor came UNDER the scaffolding and parked his truck. The smoke was TERRIBLE. We were all breathing it in and smelling like a campfire. I asked a police officer to step in, and he told the guy to leave. About 10 minutes later her came back again. I was on my way to get the cop again (he had moved a ways away), but then I spotted Santa Claus on the parade route, which means the end of the parade, so I let it go.

That's it.

The dinner turned out pretty well. I thought the turkey was a little overdone, but at least we didn't have to wait several more hours for it to be done. Everything was hot and delicious and the gravy was fine....

I unfortunately was hit with a sinus infection thing yesterday, so I actually fell asleep twice during the day, and at night, watching I must have been legitimately sick. I feel much better this morning, and I think I will drag my posse into Manhattan for some SIGHT-SEEING.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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