Sunday, November 12, 2006

An Adventure

Sometimes I forget about a project that I have been pretty involved in for the past 3 years, but this past weekend I was reminded again. It all started when I answered an ad in Backstage looking for an actress for the pilot of a new infant video series. What really caught my eye was that the driving force behind it were former Sesame and Disney execs.

I attended I think two auditions and got the job. I shot the pilot back in 2003 in a lickity-split one day shoot. 2 years later I spent 2 weeks creating three infant DVD's called Eebee's Adventures. I had such a great time doing this project for a number of reasons:

1. The creators are crazy passionate about Eebee. It's nice to work with people that care so much.
2. I love puppetry. When my kids and I watch Sesame Street, I am more enthralled then they are...seriously. Eebee is a puppet, and requires two puppetteers and a puppet wrangler, which is endlessly fascinating to me.
3. I love babies. I got to work with SO many babies during this shoot. It was so fun to see how they would react to Eebee and the materials around them, and being on a set that was about 4 feet off the ground.
4. I have babies. It is great to work on something that your children will relate to and understand.

There are more reasons, but those are my top four. Anyway, I recently learned that Eebee's has a contract with FAO Schwarz. This toy store is housed in the same building where my husband works, so I am very familiar with it. On Friday, the creator of Eebee's and Eebee (along with the puppet creator and puppeteer) were roaming the store telling people about the product. I decided to go and hang out. My baby LOVED meeting Eebee. I had a great time seeing them, and seeing the display of the product. We even brought our own Eebee home with us...I mean come on, I had to.

Here is a photo of my daughter and me in front of the set back in 2004. In my tummy was the other daughter, pictured to the left. I really had such a great time working on this project.

If you want to check it out, here's how:
~Video-on-demand: Check out an adventure on your kids on demand, absolutely FREE
~Eebee's website for some reviews...don't believe the one reviewer, those eyelashes were NOT fake.
~My website, a clip is here.

Have an adventurous day!

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Anonymous said...

Wow - You are like a celebrity in my house. My daughter watches EeBee all the time. I even just posted about it on my family blog. Now that I am familiar with you, I will see you on commercials and say to my husband, "Look, its the woman from EeBee!"

My daughter is in love with EeBee. Whenever we mention it to her, she screeches with delight. Thanks fro doing the videos. It keeps her very entertained and is so educational.

Good luck to you in the future.