Saturday, November 25, 2006

Black Friday

Today was the first time that I went into Manhattan for Black Friday. I knew it would be crowded. I did not know that it would be THAT crowded. I had this brilliant idea that everyone would be shopping, and no one returning, so I lugged my twin aerobed into the city to return at the Macy's at Herald Square. I figured there would be a customer service line JUST for returns. Nope.

The lines were miles long. I didn't even know where any of them lead. I was afraid to stand in a line, in case it lead to the men's room, or an express checkout (where I could not return), or somewhere else. The whole store was madness. It felt like you were in an ocean of people, trying to navigate through the coral reef or something. I did not want to subject my family to waiting for me, so I just lugged it around on my stroller for the next 6 hours.

We started at 34th St. and Broadway and walked all the way to 87th and Lexington Ave. It took hours. We made a few stops for food and hot cocoa, and of course to look at some of the Windows. Macy's and Lord and Taylor both had animitronics. We also saw the skaters at Rockefeller Center, and the snowflakes at Saks. It was really fun to people watch today. Tourists, locals, Christian Slater, all eye-candy for us.

I tried to capture the droves of people in the above photo. It is taken from 59th and 5th Ave, looking south. The sidewalks were packed. The Upper East side was more sparse, but still busy for the UES. My favorite store windows there were Betsey Johnson and the two Ralph Lauren stores, so pretty.

I did not buy one thing today (accept food). Granted, I only went INSIDE about 3 stores and 2 food establishments, but still...It was just really fun to be out in the beautiful weather with my family, looking at all the festive decor, and trying to snap a Christmas Card photo. The Christmas Season has officially begun at our house and definitely in our city.

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