Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Book Covers

This is the final book cover for Susan Elizabeth Phillips' new novel. This image is from amazon, and is for the audio book. The actual book is pretty much the same thing. If you like the dress, it's on sale now. This will be my first book cover, and I am getting excited about it because the author and I are from the same home town, and we are talking about making a joint appearance at my favorite local bookstore there.

I just got all the proofs for my second book cover, via email today. Below is a crop of one that they did NOT choose...I will wait to reveal the actual cover, once it is listed on amazon...I guess that will mean that amazon is revealing it, not me...but really it's not my place to do so.

I am reminded of my baby's book jobs...the first of which I wrote about here. I recently discovered this book. My baby is on the bottom left corner, and the two of us are on the back of the packaging. She also took a bunch of photos about a year ago for another plush book that I have lost track of...but here is one of the frames:

So, if anybody spots it, let me know.

Updates on Album Sales coming soon. Happy Day.

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Rachel H said...

Those look really cute! I did a couple of book covers, at like 14 years old for a series called Holly's Heart by Beverly Lewis.. and I tried looking them up on Amazon and they've gotten new covers since then! I guess it has been 15 years!! qrujv