Monday, November 06, 2006

Crunch Time

It's crunch time. In less than one month everything I have been working towards in the year 2006 will be here. My mind is constantly filled to capacity with all that I have to do. Today on the way to school a mom friend said "HI" to me, I think 3 times before I realized that I was walking down the street, taking my daughter to school and that she was saying hi to me. I just looked at her and said: Sorry, ZONING!

Last night we had the first run-through of our Joy to the World Christmas Concert. It is the first one that our church in the Queens area is putting on. I volunteered to be in charge, and it turns out that it is quite a big undertaking! It was so great though to see everything come together. We have two violinists that sound so amazing, a guitar ensemble, and vibraphone. We also have a children and adult chorus and a singer who is soloing with the guitar. Each number after the other brought a different flavor and I got chills several times last night. I hope that all of our hard work is rewarded with a large audience...that would be awesome.

I am waiting to hear about a few holds: Nick Jr. Magazine cover-try with my 18-month-old, and a Levaquin Ad. I have a go-see for Nokia today. Here is the description: I am at an art gallery, I am dressed smart, a word I cannot read in my hand writing, not to dressy. I have no idea what I will end up wearing. I might also be doing a little voice over work this week if everything can get negotiated.

The big exciting event of the week however is happening Wednesday! At 7 AM the doors open for the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale. I need to get some shoes and maybe a few other odds and ends for my performance wardrobe, so I am actually planning on getting there around when it opens. Sounds crazy and that's why I love it. It's a radical plan...good thing my baby wakes up at the crack of dawn...


trimama said...

I can relate, I just put a whole box of dryer sheets in the dryer b/c I was zoning (in the midst of a move and college admissions frenzy for clients).

As for the half yearly, if I don't have time this week I will be online Tuesday at midnite to get my Nordstrom Fix. Enjoy.

Bek said...

Good Luck w/ all the auditions/go see's. You are a busy, busy mom and quite the inspiration.

I loved your post about the darkness awhile back. You capture very eloquently what it feels like to be "off". It takes some of us awhile to even realize it. Only when I look back can I see how bad it was.........thanks again.

tracy m said...

Hey Kage- I got my album today! Hooray! I haven't had a change to listen to it yet, but they are arriving well and good- and I'm on the west coast. Thanks!