Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

This morning, approximately 7:36 AM:
ME: You voting?
DH: I don't know, you?
ME: No, I don't even know who is running and what for...
DH: Well, it's the governor elections
ME: Oh...
(in my head: well that seems important)
Well, what do I need to vote?
ME: Oh.

I have only voted twice before today. I voted for the last two presidential elections. I have only been of age to vote for 9 years, so thus only two. I felt dumb this morning that I did not even know about the elections. This is why: I am a busy mother of two. When I watch television it is Oprah, comedies and dramas. It is all tivoed, so I often race through commercials (ironic since commercials are my bread and butter). I watch news when I go to the gym, but lately my workouts have been walking outside, so I am not up on that. I do not subscribe to a newspaper. I have seen one commercial that stood out to me, and that was for Joe Lieberman. He had the word Republicans and Democrats on a chalkboard and then he popped into frame and talked about this election being about people and not parties. I liked that. But I don't even know what office he is running for.

It is because of my utter stupidity when it comes to this subject that I don't even feel worthy to vote. I realize that these people are depending on Americans for their jobs, and I just feel like I would be voting without any knowledge of what I am voting for, and doing everyone a disservice.

After my conversation with DH (see above), I changed my baby girl's clothes and I said to her: "Baby, you should always vote when you have the opportunity, because we didn't always have the right to vote, and many women made many sacrifices so that our vote would count." That much I do know. So, I asked my DH about who he thought was a good candidate, and then took my daughter to school. Fortunately, her school is where I vote. I figured it would be crazy busy as all the parents would have the idea I had: vote while you're there. Sadly, it was not even close to being busy. I walked in and out and left for my walk 4 minutes later than I do on most mornings when I drop off my daughter.

I wish I had a sticker that said "I voted" because even though I wasn't informed, I did feel it was important to exercise that right that was given to me, and if anything it taught me to take it even more seriously the next time the opportunity comes around.

So, go vote...you have four minutes right?


Anonymous said...


I stood in line for 45 minutes to vote at 7:35 this morning. It is important, no matter how long it takes. It is a privilege as a citizen of this great country to make your decision known in our political process. This is not a party issue - it's an American issue. Everyone, please go out and vote today.


marian said...

HK is right, it's a privilege and an honor to vote, and we should all go do it! For anyone who's like you kage and is feeling uninformed, a great place to go to get some basic info is Project Vote Smart - just enter your zip code and you'll get info on your district and state races. GO VOTE!

chloe said...

I did my duty and it felt good. Taught my little girl to point her finger up in the sky and yell "vote!"

Natasha said...

i went to vote and they did not have me down as a "registered" voter. The little ladies that were working the poles were so sweet and helped me fill out an absentee envelope and let me have a table to fill out the absentee ballot. They were so glad I came out to vote.
I am glad I voted! Didn't get a sticker though. . .

heather said...

I think its great that you were so honest about it - I think you speak for a lot of women, actually. I have a friend who has never voted - and I think that's pretty sad considering how hard women worked to get the right to vote. I always look forward to voting because my husband and I are of different political parties and election night results can be fun to watch to see who will win.

btw - a good place for a busy mom to turn to for news is the radio - keep it on while you make dinner for a recap of the day. I prefer NPR, but tune it to whatever suits you.

D said...

Judging from the comments, I think the problem with voter turnout is the lack of stickers. They must know that we're all waiting around for stickers, so why don't they give them to us?

I guess I could have mailed in an absentee ballot several weeks in advance of the election, but that would require a lot of foresight. Plus, it would seem like double-dipping, because we just voted in the Canadian elections a few months back.

Harry Angstrom said...

So by your own admission, you are ignorant of the issues and the candidates, but you still felt it was important to vote?

How about next time educating yourself a little before you drag yourself to the polling place? So you have a busy hectic life. Lots of us do. But that doesn't absolve you from the responsibility of being an informed voter.

Jesus Christ on a crutch.