Monday, November 20, 2006

Engagement Day

So, my Friday engagement was postponed to this morning at 10:40 AM. I will get engaged over a nice Asian Salad, and then I will head East a few blocks and eat a Three Musketeers Bar with 3 girlfriends. 1 callback, 1 audition, life is good. And even better is that I will have one daughter at school and the other at home with a sitter...I am glad there will be no schlepping.

In other news, I am making progress on the album front. Last night I just sold my 200th CD, thanks to my friend JJ who put in a record order at 20 cds. My business manager (DH) and I were really excited to get to that point in our sales. Also this weekend, my friend helped me put together my album posters for the appearances I make where I am not permitted to sell, and also to put next to the sales table at appearances where I am allowed to sell.

They look really good. My graphic designer for the album put these together and I ordered them off of snapfish, then my friend mounted them on some black foam with photomount adhesive. I am pretty sure all of this was cheaper than if I had gone to a framing place. I am happy. Now, I just have to figure out how to ship them to Naperville. That will be Tuesday's project.

I think that with my combined appearances where I can SELL Cd's, I will reach close to 1000 people. I have about 800 cd's left to sell for this season, so I think it might be doable...we'll see! That would be nice if I was sold out by December 12th...then I could just coast through the holidays.

This past weekend I had a going away party at my home and it was filled. It was really fun. And then I took my daughter to a birthday party on Saturday, so two parties in one weekend equals: a day or two of vocal rest. I am really feeling tired. I have to watch it on Thanksgiving at the parade...I must be quiet, I must be quiet, I must be quiet. Ay ya ya...that's hard for me.

I know this post has been random, but sometimes my life is random, so there you go. Happy Beginning of Thanksgiving Week. I have my turkey bought and in the freezer, how about you?


D said...

Mark us down for a copy of the CD. We'll pick it up from you when we see you this week. I've heard glowing reviews from trusted sources...

ReeSesPcS said...

Congrat's on the 200th! I'm sure that's exciting. As for the turkey, just a suggestion...put it in your fridge now because it takes a few days to thaw out. At least that's the safest way!

chloe said...

I would splurge and just Fresh Direct everything! I know, that's not really helpful advice...but it makes things easier!

Congrats on 200!