Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fashion Show

I have been trying to get better at doing my own styling, especially since my BFF, miss Style Guru herself has moved far far away from me. I worked really hard on the styling of my album photos, and now I have been focusing on my live appearances. Aside from concerts, I will be presenting at two high schools during the holidays, so I was thinking about those appearances today while I shopped the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale.

In regular old Kage fashion, I wanted to go right when it opened at 7 AM...though I had never done this before, it sounded like fun. So I set the alarm for 5:50 AM, got the baby dressed, picked up my friend and her baby and away we went. How many times have I been to Nordstrom....and I got lost. So....we got to the sale at 8 AM. Oh bother.

We had 1 hour to shop b/c I had to make it back in time for a go-see at 11 in the city. After a half hour in shoes, I went upstairs to the Brass Plum, tried on a few items, bought them, then headed down to TBD to check out the jeans and the free people stuff. I love this outfit, (on the right), and they had the sweater dress but in a size large, and no bloomers. I just love the bloomers.

And of course the rain was so heavy and so wet and I was just on the brink of the timing of my day going to pot, so I skipped the go-see and then my eye stopped twitching. I AM going to go to my audition this afternoon, but I just couldn't bear the rain and the cranky baby and the possibility of being late for picking up my other daughter.

So, I did a little fashion show and took some pix of what I ended up with...hopefully I will have your approval:
These cropped pants I inherited from my friend, I bought the black flats today--the detail on them is that they are sort of gathered all around...and the red top with black belt and black circle earrings, and the green top (reminded me of Jeffrey on PR), with rosebud earrings. I thought these would be fun, casual, holiday outfits for the high school presentations.

Here is the L & T dress that I found in Boston, bought in NYC. Today's goal was to find the right they are.

Here are a few other outfits that I want to perform in for the day-time or less casual events: The first one is the dress I am wearing in the album-don't worry, I don't carry a clutch while I sing.

I was a little dismayed because most of my items were full price at the half yearly SALE...I did get a good deal on the black flats. Then, as I was walking out I saw a pair of jeans that were 45 dollars off. I thought that was a good deal, and I desperately need new jeans...and I want to wear them today but it is SO rainy. Here they are....

Ok, so you can't really see them, and there is some distorted color b/c of baby fingerprints, but at least you can see the back of the shirt....


chloe said...

Love the green and white stripey - my first thought was Jeff on PR too! The jeans look like they fit well - hard to tell color. Love the black dress.

Smokin' baby!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the black dress...does L & T stand for Lord and Taylor? I need a cocktail dress and can't find one with sleeves. Thanks.

PS-love reading your blog, I just never comment.

tracy m said...

Ok, now I feel REALLY frumpy!

TftCarrie said...

Love the green striped shirt. And the Black heels are a great basic that will last you a long time. Good job!

Rachel H said...

The BCBG dress really looks fantastic on you... on me it was a sad little school-girl! Also I like the tops a lot. All great outfits!

Melissa said...

Second picture (wearing the green stripey Jeffrey shirt that I love) you look EXACTLY like D. She pulls that exact face. WOW.

Is that the rabbit fur jacket you told me about? Gorgeous.

You are a hot mama!

Linzerdoodle said...

LOVE all three of those top ones, especially the dress.