Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Glass Posse Thanksgiving 2006

I officially have less time than required to pull together this meal, but I am going to try dang hard.

The menu:

Turkey, stuffed with sage and lemon (thanks Rachel Ray)

Sweet Potatoes (a la fattening Boston Market kind)

Macaroni and Cheese-I am not southern, but this is something that I incorporate in my Thanksgiving, never had it growing up, just like the idea

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Rolls-orange if I am lucky

chilled roasted beets
chilled boiled yukon potatoes
chilled boiled string beans
spring greens
goat cheese

Crockpot Dressing: I don't like stuffing the turkey, plus it adds cook time, which I DON'T need since my oven is already slower than the average, and we had to wait a bit longer than I wanted to last year.

Dessert will be whatever they have at the grocery store, I am NOT baking dessert this year.

I also need to make cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for the men who go early and stake out a parade spot for us. However, I just heard the forecast, and it is not the best, so that will decrease the amount of crazies who are willing to get utterly chilled in the name of thanksgiving fun.

I just read back the email and I see that it is heavy on carbs...I might need to ad a green dish..maybe green bean casserole...can't go wrong with that.

Happy Cooking/Eating/Sleeping/Parading/Familying.


Samuel said...

Sounds great "Kage"!
^ hahah...

Let's hope the gravy turns out as good as it did last year!! ;)

We love you and miss you, have a great Thanksgiving!!

Kage said...

samuel, I have already taken steps to avoid the gravy situation from last year. I have a gravy starter, and I intend on using that. I don't want anyone to have to do a do-over like some of my guests.

The sweet potatoes, mac n cheese, green bean casserole are done, rolls will be tonight. Right now the cinnamon rolls for the parade are making my house smell we are well on our way to a good meal. I bought pumpkin and apple pies....we will miss you a lot.

Samuel said...

Sounds ambrosia good. Gobble gobble

ps. I'm starting a blog. Still working on the title.

D said...

The meal was hecka, hecka good.

In fact, it was probably one of the most expansive and most satisfying menus I have ever encountered on Thanksgiving. What a shame that I don't have more stomachs. I would have eaten it all.

The parade was quite an adventure. The forecast changed on us at the last minute, and we found we hadn't packed enough rain gear. It was tons of fun, all the same. Someday, we'll have to try it again with better weather.