Thursday, November 16, 2006

I got engaged on Monday...and I will again on Friday

On Monday I had an audition for Kraft Salad Dressing. I didn't write about it until now because I thought it went really bad. Here was the scenario: A very prop-heavy scene: salad dressing, salads, cups, table, chairs, a fortune cookie with a ring in it, and chopsticks. There was no copy (lines), but a very detailed scene of a guy and a girl having lunch. The girl is eating her salad, the guy is nervous, she gets to her fortune cookie, opens it, and there is a ring inside.

So I got to the audition about 20 minutes early, and was the first female signed in, so I went first. The guy I was paired up with, seemed really nervous as we were waiting to go in, so during the audition he was like double-nervous because he already was nervous, and then he had to act nervous too.

It is uncomfortable to do scenes like this with someone you have just met, but you just have to let it go. I did my best. It was also a difficult audition because there were so many acting beats and no written lines, and the casting director was trying to figure out how to direct us and what to say. We were sort of the guinea pigs. After it was all over I didn't think it went very well, so I walked out of the casting office and forgot about it.

Yesterday during my daughter's ballet class, I got a call from my agent putting me on hold for the commercial, and letting me know about a callback on Friday. I was really surprised. I had to wrack my brain to remember what she was even talking about...then I had to try to remember what I was, anyway, Friday it is. I wonder if the nervous nervous guy was called back too...

Today I am treating myself to a babysitter because I have 1 go-see in Brooklyn (C-gate), 1 in Flatiron district of Manhattan (HBO), and a podiatrist appointment near my home, all in a 3 hour time frame. Yup, something funky is going on with my toe nails....I think it might be the start of some beautiful fungus...gotta love fungus...does a body good.

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