Sunday, November 19, 2006


Every winter I lose stuff on the subway. Usually it is hats, gloves or scarves...mostly gloves. I usually rush off the train, and then when I hit the cold and go to reach for my various coverings, I realize I have left them on the seat where I was sitting, or when I stood up, they fell off my lap, or because they were put haphazardly in my pocket, they fell out.

I am dissappointed of course, mostly because I am cold, but then I think/hope that someone who needs it more than me, will find the item, and make good use of it.

I try to resort to this philosophy whenever I am dissappointed about losing something.

There are a few kids who sing on my Christmas Album. As part of their "payment" I gave them each 5 cds to keep or give away to their families. I found out yesterday that one of the kids grandma's left the bag of cds on the train. He says he still has one, so I guess there are 4, sealed CD's in a plastic bag riding the train around New York.

At first I was really dissappointed that she had lost those CD's, because that represents lost profits or lost opportunities (because most likely I would have given those 4 cds away as a demo, if I hadn't given them to this child's family). But the more I thought about it, I realized that I could apply my LOST MITTEN PHILOSOPHY, and that made me feel better.

I picture a grocery bag sitting on a seat with these cd's inside, and I wonder who found them. Did they pick them up and look at them? Did they read the front and back and then make the decision whether or not to take one or pass? Did someone find them, and not even think twice about it, grabbed them up and tried to sell them on the sidewalk for 4 dollars? Did 4 different people find the bag and each take one? Did they go home and listen to it? Did they like what they heard and therefore visited my website to find out more? Did someone turn them in to some sort of MTA Lost and Found?

My mind was racing with the possibilities, and thinking about those 4 cds riding the MTA and what sort of adventures they might go on, and where they might end up, made me feel a lot better about the loss. In fact, I think I might have turned it into a gain.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe someone will find a copy, take it home and play it and others will hear it and go out an buy their own or be inspired. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Your art is getting out there and getting exposure. It can only be good. Happy Thanksgiving!