Thursday, November 02, 2006

Third Person Thursday

She decided to have crazy hair and makeup that day. Day after day she has to do the same old hair and the same old makeup in order to be clean, commercial, young mom, and marketable. Today she teased and sprayed her hair. Today she wore crazy silver and blue eye makeup.

She took her picture in the kitchen. Held her own photoshoot. Later, she uploaded the photos and added some hues and saturation to make the pictures look even crazier. She wore her iron-on Barbra Streisand tee (circo GUILTY album age), and was crazy mom instead of young mom.

Her baby had a job that day, so she took her with the crazy hair, makeup and tee. When she got to the set they asked if she could be in the photo too. Huh? There was no makeup artist there, no wardrobe...just her craziness. So, she went into the bathroom and tried to UNtease her hair, and rub off some of the crazy blue/silver madness on her eyes.

She took off her Babs tee (luckily she had a nice black tee underneath), and put on her purplish sweater. Luckily the photo ended up being pretty anonymous, but of course the ONE day she steps outside of her commercially box, she has to get right back in again.

Third Person Thursday's past:


tracy m said...

It's punk Kage! I love it!

marian said...

Kage, I love reading your writing, as always. This is hysterical, it figures the day you go wild with your crazy self they just push you right back into that responsible young mom box. Good thing you're adaptable and darn gorgeous and can pull both off!

Melissa said...

This whole story is so YOU. I love it.

The Daring One said...

Great story. I can only imagine what you were thinking when you got there and they told you they wanted you in the shoot. That is classic.