Thursday, November 30, 2006

Third Person Thursday

She was nervously waiting for her salad dressing callback, when she noticed a tall woman with a pretty face walk into the audition. Her hair was a little less than a quarter inch long. It had obviously been shaved recently. She sat there looking at that girl wondering how she got away with shaving her head in the commercial industry. She didn't want to make a scene about it, so she went back to her book.

When she finished the callback, she rushed over to another audition. After that, she grabbed a quick snack and then headed down into the subway. When she stepped on the train, the shaved-head girl followed. Now was the perfect opportunity to ask about the hair.

Shaved-head girl was really open about her shaved-headness, and explained that she had been booked on a movie that was supposed to be a 6 month project, and ended up ending after 1 week, and she was stuck with a shaved head. It didn't matter that much though, because most of her work is stunt work, which requires wigs. It had however lost her a few commercial jobs, but she seemed ok with it.

After their conversation, she went home and looked shaved-head girl up on the internet, and sure enough she was a hard-working stunt girl. She thought to herself: I love this city, I meet cool people.

The very next week, she was driving in her neighborhood when she saw a tall girl with a pretty face and a shaved head on the sidewalk, being photographed by another girl with a hat on. She recognized her as her ballet-dancer-sometimes-see-at-the-gym-friend, Hollie. She went around the block and pulled over to say hi, and of course to ask her about the hair. Turns out, she had to shave it for a movie. Then the photographer pulled off her hat to reveal the same secret.

She explained to the two shaved-head-girls that she had met another shaved-head-stunt-girl the week before and asked them to tell her why all the shaved heads. The girls said their were ten of them who had their heads shaved. She asked if it was worth it, and they said yes. The name of the film? I AM LEGEND, starring Will Smith.

As she drove away she thought: I think I have to see this movie.


chloe said...

For some reason, I just LOVE this story. Like it's this secret society of attractive, shaved-head stunt women skirting about NYC and you've uncovered 3 of the 10. So cool. And yes, you'll have to see the movie now.

wendysue said...

What I really want to see is the salad dressing commercial. . . it must be pretty fancy since stunt-girls are showing up for the audition? Hee. hee.

Brenchley Family said...

no more talk about shaving heads. . .we ALL know I have been threatening to do it since High school. . . .
If I come back to NY with no hair, can I blame you? hahahaha