Tuesday, December 05, 2006

1 Day to go.

I cannot believe that it is the night before I leave. I cannot believe that the inspiration of last year's trip has come to this full circle moment with a cd in the mix. It is totally unreal.

Today's Dones:
~I got dangerously close to finishing my Christmas shopping at old faithful-TARGET. Love that store.
~Refilled my prescriptions.
~Packed: 1 1/2 bags are Christmas presents (I am going back in just a few weeks to celebrate Christmas in Naperville), the other half of the one bag are my clothes, jewlery etc, and a garment bag holds my dresses and tampons. Yup, lucky timing for me!
~Updated my ipod again-I messed it up---I'm new at this.
~Answered last-minute emails about my appearances.
~Finished up some notes for my high school presentations.
~Practiced. I have been so worried about the stamina of my voice, but today felt really good, and I only have to sing LONG programs on the last night, so that is perfect timing.
~Blogged. I am particularly enjoying this thread.
~Watched Studio Sixty....I liked last night's episode, they did a nice tribute to Hurricane Katrina...very cool.
~Watched part of Mickey's Christmas Carol with my daughters. Nice memories of my childhood.
~Ate Chocolate Peanut Butter Haagen Daz ice cream. I had a long day with the baby-she is getting her canines, and she was a beast the ENTIRE day.
~Now I am going to turn in at a very nice 10:00 pm EST. I will most certainly feel rested when the alarm goes off at 6:30, oh wait a second, I never need to set an alarm because my darling baby always wakes me up at the crack of dawn (b/n 5:41 and 6:12) every morning screaming: MAMA!


Anonymous said...

I feel for you with the canines. Preston is getting those same teeth and yesterday he cried and hung on my leg for two and a half hours. It's torture!

Anonymous said...

'Kage', good luck in everything your doing in the 6 3 0. You continue to amaze me! I love Studio 60. I haven't seen the new episode but I am looking forward to it. Can't wait to see yah during Christmas.

Love, your bro

ps. if you ever find a minute in your crazy life, start reading my blog. I just made it a few minutes ago and I am going to start posting every day.