Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Concert Week

Today marked the beginning of the concert week. Here is what I have done to prepare today:

~I tried to be on vocal rest most of the day...I did pretty good.

~I bought an ipod shuffle. How does this help me prepare you ask? Well, I can study my music without using my voice....practice words, order, mentally review how I approach certain phrases, remember tempos etc. I thought about asking to borrow my husband's ipod, but I got a little Christmas check in the mail from my generous father-in-law, and thought...what the hey? hay? I am listening right now.

~Finished up Christmas shopping. I shopped for the hubby today. I am really pleased with my purchases, but he is hard to shop for, so I am prepared if he needs to return everything.

~Almost finished my Christmas postcards. I still need a few addresses and stamps.

~Printed out all my stuff. Trip itinerary, Concert Programs, High School Presentation/Handouts, Schedule, and what I need to bring with me to each venue, and wear at each venue...this will help me with the packing that I haven't started yet, because my duffle bag is mysteriously unnaccounted for.

~Shopped at Costco. Hopefully my children will get fed while I am gone....and not just on ice cream and pizza.

~Caught up on a few Accounts Receivables.

~Sweeped, Swiffered and Mopped the floors, vaccuumed couches and rugs.

~Bought THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER for my plane-reading. I just finished Christmas Carol, so I thought I should stay with the Christmasy reading theme.

~Tried on a gown that I haven't worn in 4 years...thinking it would be perfect for one of my concerts. It is still debatable...I have sort of shrunk in a certain place up top due to having babies, and I am not sure if I can make it work....I shall need a second opinion. Maybe a really big brooch will help.

~In case you haven't seen, I am giving away a cd for FREE, just click here to enter the Tales Freebie.

~Now I am going to pop some corn and watch my fave show, which is back!!! The Closer....on TNT....It's really great....really. Yeah, the date says Tuesday, but I am writing late Monday night, so same diff.

1 comment:

Britt said...

You did all that TODAY??
I wish I was going to be in town to see one of your performances...
P.S. I love The Closer.