Saturday, December 30, 2006

Condo Adventures Part 1

Welcome to Queens. Your lawyer is also a Caviar dealer. Yes, during our meeting with our lawyer yesterday, two different phones would ring. He answered one as himself, and the other: "insert Caviar Business name here". And I must say that the lawyer tone was a bit more intimidating then the Caviar tone.

As our lawyer went in and out of the office, making his own copies of the contract for our condo, my husband and I would exchange conversation.

The first: By looking around, it seems that our lawyer is WAY into cooking...there were cooking books all over. We also observed that he has three sons, and likes going on cruises with his wife....all based on the photos displayed.

The second: (and this is after the caviar phone calls started coming in): You know, if we had been here in Astoria for only 1 week, I think we would find this whole office (run down, messy), triple-business (caviar and lawyering, plus a travel agent in the front of the store) thing unacceptable. But since we know that Astoria is zen, we're cool with it.

The third: What was that he said about "Mr. Mexican" torching the place?

The fourth: Well, it seems like he's got our back...finding little things that we might not have understood, and acting quickly on them. This will work out just fine.


marian said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh Astoria! This post is awesome, so classic! BTW, my weemee is dressed in the exact same outfit with the same background - strange coincidence, I guess that's the best New Year's outfit there is! (who can pass up those glasses, right??!?!)

chloe said...

OH yes, classic Astoria. Heck, classic NYC. But yes, at least he's got your back - you always want to be a part of that big Greek/Italian/Muslim/NYC/Astoria family...

Kage said...

marian, that's pretty funny that we are dressed the same and all. I was looking for a times square background (I think there is one on the homepage of weeworld), but couldn't find it. oh well.