Monday, December 11, 2006


My Naperville Manager is my mother. She has been helping me handle sales in my hometown, and doing an amazing job. She carries around her bag of cds and promotes them as only a mother can. I am really appreciative of all of her help with my "holiday tour" including the cooking, cleaning, managing, and supporting me through all of my performances this past weekend.

I have always looked like my mom. We have always resembled each other. Apparently, in both of our old age however, we have become twins. 5 different times at my events this past weekend, audience members told her what a good job she did, and once when I was standing right, I mean RIGHT next to her. It was a very sweet little girl, and she was so embarrassed when I said....THANKS, I'm right here! I didn't mean to embarrass her of course.

Once someone who we both knew thought I was my mother, until I got a little closer. I am ok with this because my mother is a very attractive woman, and I am pretty sure my mom is ok with it, because I am 23 years younger then her, and she has entered that decade of life where she is studying the age-defying section of the beauty products, with her glasses on hand in case she might need to read some fine print.

I think for both of us, these occurences were unexpected, and really funny. My mom's response, at first I'm the mom...but then she just started saying: THANK YOU. I think she might have meant that in a few different ways.

Thank YOU mom...see you in a few weeks.


Kage's Mom said...

What a fabulous weekend we have had! I love being Kage's Naperville Manager. I wish you all could have seen her on tour this weekend. She wowed audiences everywhere! They were turning people away at her private concert. People started arriving an hour early to insure themselves a great seat. She is amazing. And as far as people mistaking my identity for hers?? Are you kidding?? I'm 51!! I LOVED it!!
Love you, Kage... see you in 2 weeks!

Linzerdoodle said...

It sounds like an incredibly successful week! I wish I could have been there. Congratulations! I hope you can relax now!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that you two look alike. I remember once when I was out with my dad, out waitress thought we were married. Always feel a little awkward explaining that one...