Sunday, December 31, 2006

End of Year Stats

Every year I keep track of my stats. How many auditions I went on, callbacks I got, holds, bookings etc.

Just to give you an idea of how my first experience in the business contrasts with present are my stats when I was working full time in the "business", supporting my husband through Business School, with no kids for the first part, and a 4 month old baby when I left for NYC:

2000-2002 in Washington DC
16 auditions
7 of those jobs called me back for a total of 14 times (Sondheim Festival saw me 6 times, and A New Brain, twice)
Booked all 7 jobs (ended up in COMPANY for the Sondheim Celebration)
Booked an additional 3 jobs that did not call me back
I did not book 4 of the 16 jobs.
I got 75% of the possible jobs.

This could mean a lot of things: 1. There is too much work to go around. 2. There is too little talent to go around. I like to think it is a combination.

A lot happened between that year and this year, but we will skip all that and just focus on the 2006 stats (as accurate as I can be with now two children, and a much busier life)

107 auditions
9 callbacks (that led to no work)
1 callback (and then a second callback, same job), that led to 1 job
18 holds that did NOT turn into jobs
33 jobs:
18 face/acting jobs (2 national commercials, 1 industrial, the rest print jobs)
15 other miscellaneous jobs (wrangling, a few live appearances, fittings)
5 jobs were booked with no casting session
8 clients were repeat clients

If we take out the miscellaneous jobs (because they are not counted in the 107 auditions)...then I booked almost 17% of the possible jobs.

Some might look at this percentage and compare it to 2 years in DC's percentage and think that I had gone down significantly: 75% to 17%....and yes it would be nice if I booked 75% of the possible jobs here in NYC....but the pay scale here in NYC is a little bit different from the numbers are ok.

I enjoy stats...hopefully you do too.

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