Monday, December 18, 2006

Glass Posse 12 Days of Christmas: Day 6

One of my favorite Christmas memories was the year I tested Santa. I was determined NOT to tell my mom what I wanted for Christmas, and ONLY tell Santa. I told Santa I wanted a tv for Christmas, and no one else...well almost no one. I did tell my Grandparents.

When I woke up on Christmas morning, I prepared myself for dissappointment--just in case I didn't get the TV, and just in case I found out Santa wasn't real. I ran out to the living room, and there was a TV. I was amazed, and I continued to believe.

Several years later I asked my mom about that Christmas. She said that on Christmas Eve night, in the trunk of her car was a TV. I think that my Grandparents had totally hooked me up. I guess my testing Santa theory had a slight flaw in it....I shouldn't have told them, but they did keep me as a believer for a few more years.

Even though I have known for a while that the Man in Red is a myth, I still sometimes believe he is real, and I still have that anticipatory feeling on Christmas Eve night, as fresh as it was so many years ago.

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