Friday, December 22, 2006

Glass Posse 12 Days of Christmas: Day 10

When I exchange gifts with friends, we usually don't wait until ACTUAL Christmas Day to open. We like to open the gifts in front of each other. Since one of my BFF's is out of the state, this is not possible this year. When I got the package in the mail, my gift was very skinny (like paper), and wrapped in tissue paper, so that I could see through it a bit.

Though I THOUGHT about waiting until the 25th, this see-thru business peaked my curiosity and I had to open it early. It was a gift from I am sending two girls from Afghanistan to school for one year. My BFF purchased their school uniforms and supplies for one year, in my name. That is so cool. My friend always inspires me, and she has done it again.

I have started to become a little more aware of all the charitable causes out there. Watching Oprah helps, as well as reading the wide range of billboards that I see from simply utilizing my local subway. In year's past I have been particularly motivated by Cancer Research, but this year I have really been thinking a lot about Africa. I have tried to support the RED campaign in small and simple purchases, and spreading the word. I hope that this gift will keep my ears and heart even more open to opportunities that I can take to help others.

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