Monday, December 04, 2006

Last Quarter Tearsheets

As the year comes to a close, I am starting to gather the last of the tear sheets. There is nothing really that exciting, just a few jobs that are now accounted for.

Below is the Babies R Us Big Book Cover. I shot this cover with three babies, including my own. She actually sat pretty still for this one, so I thought she might have a chance, but Olivia got it instead. Fiona (of the playskool ad) and I also shot together, and I was pretty certain that she got the shot and she didn' I guess that shows that I know nothing.

A cousin of mine emailed me this morning with news that he had seen my photo on the Microsoft Website. I shot that job in October of 2005. I had checked the website before and found nothing....and to be honest, I am really surprised that he recognized me...the photo is pretty small. See if you can find me here.

Really, since August the print work for me has been pretty slow. In the last quarter, I have actually wrangled more then modeled. The next few jobs coming up will be my face in a gajillion hair magazines, the two book covers, and a small article in February's Nick Jr. Magazine.


Anonymous said...
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Kage said...

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