Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Naperville Mens Glee Club

On the night of this concert I found a grey hair. Yes, about once a month I find a coarse, silvery strand poking its way through the sea of brown. I tried and tried to pull it out (because I don't believe that if you pull one out, ten will follow), and I was not successful. Then I decided I better leave it in, because everyone on the stage that night would have their fair share.

I sang with the Naperville Men's Glee Club, an organization that has been singing together for at least 18 years. There were of course a variety of ages, but like I said, a lot of gray hair. They were excellent singers, and excellent-looking, up there with their fresh hair cuts and tuxedos. I LOVE it when men sing, so I really enjoyed the concert.

We were joined by the Wesley United Methodist Bell Choir. It was fantastic to watch them in action with their white gloves and very specific arm motions. We were also joined by some family of the Glee Club, playing some wind instruments. I sang 4 songs from my album, accompanied by one of my oldest friends Mike Acquaviva. He and I sang our first solos back in elementary school: We've Only Just Begun (Carpenters), and went on to be in the freshman play, high school musicals, choirs, festivals, and the list goes on...together. He is now in his residency for Pediatric Anesthesia, but continues to play the piano and lead choirs all around the town.

I had a difficult time with O Holy Night. When I am singing about something that meaningful to me, sometimes my emotions get the better of me. The trip has helped me to navigate that a little better. I am always trying to strike a balance between giving a meaningful message and performing...I feel like I conquered it better at the Picture a Christmas Concert on Sunday night. Anyway, I was able to take a breath and hit the high note of O Holy Night, then I blew my nose and got ready for the Silent Night with all the performers.

I really enjoyed the entire experience. We got a standing ovation I think...if we didn't, we should have, because the entire concert was top notch. If you live in Naperville, you should look up the Glee Club...they have a wonderful sound and they are very entertaining.

The audience really responded to my music, and I had a busy evening following the concert signing some autographs and thanking everyone who came. I even had a few friends show up, which was so nice...I am always happy to have that added support in the audience, so thank you!

I think my favorite part of the evening was wearing my black gown, that I had not worn for almost 5 years. It looked perfect with all the tuxedos on the stage....I was really excited that I had that back in the closet. Thank you NMGC for having me sing with you this past weekend!

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