Friday, December 01, 2006

Shout Out for Steinway Pharmacy

My love affair with Steinway Pharmacy started on a cold winter's night. My daughter had a super high fever that was making her lethargic. I was scared. She does not take medicine well, just the sight of it causes her to throw up. Literally. As a result, I give her Feverall suppositories when she has a fever. This night, I had none in my medicine cabinet. I also had no cash in my wallet.

I could not possibly drag her to the bank or the pharmacy, and I was worried sick about her fever. I made the phone call: "Hi, my daughter has a very high fever. I need some feverall. I need you to deliver it to me, and I have no cash, so I need you to trust that I will pay you tomorrow." I didn't think they would EVER go for it. Their response: "No problem." Five minutes later I had my medicine, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

There are several chain pharmacies within walking distance of me: Eckerd, Duane Reade, CVS etc. When my insurance changed and Steinway Pharmacy did not accept it, I was forced to deal with these completely incompetant, crazy pharmacies. Sometimes I had to go to two or three different stores in order to get all the prescriptions necessary to treat ear infections, strep throat and the like. Even though I went all the time, there was no spark of recognition in the pharmacist's eyes. You would think with their fancy equipment, computer systems and white coats that they would be the ideal pharmacists to have, but that is not the case.

At last my insurance changed back to an acceptable one for Steinway. Every time I walk in, the head pharmacist: Monsour F. Monsour says: "Hi Glass" in his Arabic accent. My prescriptions are ready no later than 8 minutes after I have turned them in or called them in. They even work around the insurance restrictions when I need my prescription filled a few days early because I am traveling or something. And, they often just give me my pills if I don't have enough cash, knowing I will come back and pay the difference.

I love that they care about me, trust me, and deliver what I need in a prompt and professional manner. This type of customer service exists very few places now-a-days and I am so grateful to have it, especially in a pharmacist. So, thanks Steinway Pharmacy!

Oh, and why is Steinway Pharmacy on my mind today? I have a sinus infection. I went to get my augmentin prescription filled last night. Yup, that's right, 1 day before my first concert of the season, 5 days before I get on a pressure-filled airplane to attend the rest of my performances, and I have a sinus infection. This is SO my life.


D said...

Perhaps Monsour F Monsour will agree to travel with you when you do your concerts. That would certainly be the ultimate in customer service.
Football teams take a doctor with them for games, so why shouldn't you bring a pharmacist?

Anonymous said...

Hooray for the independent pharmacies. We have a great one in Hyattsville - too bad you weren't in the market for one then when you lived in College Park.

Looks like you're being proactive with the sinus infection - hope the medicine takes hold by tomorrow - will say a little prayer for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kage,

I must thank you for your blog...I came to it after my little girl (20 months old) fell in love with Eebee and I hit the 'net to do some research. I check it now almost daily.

Your blog gave me the idea when my twin boys were born (6 days ago) to start my own blog to communicate with friends and family, without having to remember all the "normal" stuff - like sending out cards and pictures, etc.

Please feel free to visit us at and see our newest little premature additions.

One last question: any more Eebees in the works? My wife is going mental with the ones we've overplayed to the point of singing "Fill it up" almost daily for my little girl!

Anonymous said...

I hate that you are sick - all you need is one added stress right now. I'm so sorry! Best of luck at your concert!